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Equipolis group has grown up from the passion of horse riding. Experience has to be building up for a long time and also step by step. To make high quality products, we should be fully conscious user. Every single element of the Equipolis offer was checked in practice, because in Equipolis take part Horse Riding School and also Horse Riding Club. We have been using for years horse riding equipment, so we know strength and weakness. Therefore Equipolis offer are the best quality products preparing by the most experienced people working in horse branch.


However It is not all yet. We’re realizing experience by high technology of production. We guarantee, that the final product will be comfortable and friendly for final user. We are professional and also for professional we prepare our offer.


Last but not least, the modern technology has to be connected with environment protection. Ecology is our goal. Buying in Equipolis guarantee, that we respect natural environment and use sources with plausible origin.


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